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Terms & Conditions (Partners)

The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd FAMILY DECLARATION:

Integrity is at the core of the business of The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd, it is the common thread through all our activities. The purpose of this Declaration is to unite all Parties involved with The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd in one common goal “Do business with Integrity”. This declaration lays down the rules and behaviour for all our dealings and the dealings of our Star Partners and members to provide guidance in all our day-to-day business transactions.

Our “Family Declaration” defines the Business Principles which are underwritten by everyone whom we associate ourselves with and it expresses our values and standards in a personal way. It ensures Quality and Exclusivity and defines our borders of association. These rules apply to all Directors, Employees, Star Partners and Members of The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd - Nationally and Internationally.



It is accepted that the following principles will be applied in all instances:

  • We do not partake in any activity which is known or believed to be illegal or unethical.
  • We do business with integrity.
  • Star Partners offer good value for money.
  • Members do not make false statements or claims regarding Star Partners.
  • Directors and Employees of The New Global Web deliver on our Promise to our Star Partners and our Members.Star Partners and their Employees deliver on The New Global Web service promise to our Members.
  • We do not engage in any transactions which do not have a genuine, legitimate business purpose or fulfil a genuine need.
  • If a mistake or human error has occurred, we admit it and take steps to rectify it.
  • We do not make excuses for not delivering service of the highest quality.
  • We are consistent in our service delivery.
  • We take pride in the service which we deliver.
  • We are grateful for the business which comes our way and we remember to say “Please” and “Thank you”
  • We take Pride in our association with The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd, strive to protect what we stand for, live it and enjoy the benefits of it.
  • Star Partners, Members, Directors and Employees agree to be dignified in their dealings with each other.
  • If service excellence is experienced we acknowledge this service by entering a comment.  If poor or sub-standard service is received we report it; The New Global Web cannot rectify or act on information that is not aware of.
  • The contact information of all our Partners is provided solely for the purpose of rendering and furthering the business interests of the respective Partner and that of “The New Global Web”. All The New Global Web Staff, Partners and Members agree to respect that all information which is published on “The New Global Web” is privileged information and is not for personal use or the furthering of personal “agendas”. All persons transacting via email and/or chat conversations will abstain from contacting any individuals whose image and contact details are provided on or obtained from our portal. All parties accept that swift action will be taken against any individual who contacts with the intent to further their personal interests.   This will constitute harassment and appropriate action will be taken.


    All our services are provided in a professional, independent and impartial manner; honestly and in full compliance with The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd approved methods, practices, and policies. We do not surrender to pressure from Members or Star Partners in one area of our business to procure favour and business in other areas.
    All transactions between our Members and Partners shall be accurately documented and will not be improperly charged or changed. Reports and certificates shall reflect these results and findings and professional opinions will be obtained, if required.

    All transactions will be properly and accurately recorded and all book entries supported by proper documentation issued by bona fide parties.

    All Service Providers must conduct their business in accordance with the applicable laws and policies of the country.


    A conflict of interest is any situation where the interests of The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd, its employees and its Partners deviate from an individual’s personal interests or those of their close relatives or of persons with whom they are in close personal or business contact. These situations need be eliminated as they impair an individual’s judgment without the individual being aware of it. The mere appearance of a conflict of interest must be avoided as it creates the impression of lack of impartiality. All Partners are treated in the same manner, and the promotion of Partners specialising in the same constellations will be similar.

    No advantage or disadvantage will be granted to any Partner. The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd will grant the opportunity to people specialising in the same constellations to learn from each others strengths in a global context, but participation in exercises of information sharing,will be at the discretion of the relevant Star Partners.  The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd cannot and will not interfere in the decisions of our Partners. We celebrate our independence from any other Partnership Programme which has their own objectives. We will also invite and convince such Parties to show their commitment to being unbiased in their services by joining The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd if they so do qualify.

    Procurement of the goods and services from Partners on The New Global Web Portal will be conducted fairly and transparently to secure the best quality and exclusive products and services in a competitive process in accordance with our various Company Policies. Personal Preference will not be a factor.

    We recognise the benefits of a free-market economy and of competition as the optimal way to allocate resources, but we accept that we must compete fairly within the framework of the applicable competition laws, and with respect to registered Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights of competitors. We do not allow brands which infringe on intellectual property rights of other legal entities. We do not engage in discussions or enter into agreements with competitors on prices and market allocations.

    We do not exchange competitor information. We conduct our marketing, including any references to our competitors, their services or to third parties, in a manner which is truthful, and is neither deceptive, nor misleading, nor likely to mislead. We present ourselves in a fair manner and ensure that presentational information, including descriptions on the portal of The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd or its affiliations, resources employed, and services provided, is accurate and unambiguous.

    We fully comply with the laws of the various countries where we do business in. Each Partner or Member is responsible to ensure their compliance thereto and agree to secure the appropriate legal assistance where this may be required.

    All employees from The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd shall abstain from trading in products which are on special or on promotion from our Star Partners for a certain period whilst they are in possession of confidential information which has not yet been publicly disclosed or marketed on our Portal. The reason for this is to ensure that employees do not benefit from services and products which are targeted for use by our Members. Employees shall also be prohibited from passing any such confidential information through to anyone except were published on our web portal for the benefit of the global population.

    Openness and transparency are essential values in The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd. In certain instances these values will be balanced against the duty of discretion. Indeed, some information needs be protected to safeguard the rights of our Members, Partners or Employees or our own business interests. This incorporates information which is not available to the general public and where there is an interest to keep it confidential, such as:
    • Information relating to the business of our Partners, including details of clients, marketing of financial data, methods and processes;
    • Information imparted by third parties under obligations of confidentiality;
    • Information relating to personal data of employees.

    The Board of Directors of The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd shall enforce the implementation of this declaration and its affiliated rules as required, having issued this Family Declaration. The Professional Conduct Committee oversees the implementation of this Family Declaration and our Chief Compliance Officer co-ordinates and provides guidance to management with the compliance thereof.

    Each Partner, Member and Employee of The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd agrees and accepts responsibility for complying with the values expressed in this Declaration. We depend on the integrity of our Members to adopt the same values. All Affiliations with The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd is subject to the acceptance of this Family Declaration.

    Employees, Members and Partners agree to report any suspected violation of our values. Providing that no part of the code or declaration has been violated, the action is not malicious or acted out in bad faith, we endeavour to protect our Partners, Members and Employees against any form of reprisal and the reporting identity will be kept confidential.

    You may make suggestions on the content of this Declaration at any time by submitting comments to the Chief Compliance Officer at the following e-mail address:

    I agree to abide by the above conditions as set out in The New Global Web (Pty) Ltd Family Declaration.

    Company Representatives
    I acknowledge that these conditions are binding on all the employees within the Company I represent and agree that I have the necessary authority to accept this declaration on behalf of my Company in the instances where the Company is entering into an agreement with The New Global Web (Pty)Ltd.